Welcome. By hitsuzen, luck, or forces beyond your control, you have been brought to the realm of the Seme/Uke quiz. *beckons innocents towards the darkness* Come forth and embrace your destiny...
Just remember, we cannot take responsibility for any actions, relationships, bondage, or drunkenness that may occur as a result of the quiz. (So all you Badass Uke ~ it's not our fault that your seme knew exactly what you wanted to do with that rope and turned your plans against you) The quiz is meant for entertainment purposes only. Mmmm... yes...

Seiyuu CRUSH!

No Offense to the Pony

Hey~! Holy fuck, did you ever pick an awesome night to come check out semeuke.com and my man Ken! Oh yeah... because we've got something new and interactive going down for your entertainment. It's the SemeUke.com reality show ~ No Offense to the Pony!

AHAHAHA! You're thinking on that one, aren't you? Oh, yeah... I see the gears a whirling! But don't think too hard, my friends, just let it flow and enjoy!

Just what does this mean? Contestants! Kick-Offs! Confessions! Viewer Voting! Oh, yeah... we'll have it all, semeuke.com style. So get ready ~ and check back soon, as our always manly, always muscular... always kind of slicked up shiny, host ~ Kenichirou is awaiting the very first contestant to this fucked up circus spectacular! WOO YEAH!

organic and extra firm

Dare you to ever eat tofu again and not think of Ken. ♡
Well, and his ass print in the mashed potatoes.

New Quiz!

~ Welcome to SemeUke.com ~

Oh... hey there! Looks like you've found your way to the site! And did you ever pick an awesome day! Why, you ask? Because today SemeUke.com is doing something we've never done before!

Yes, that's right ~ A BRAND NEW QUIZ!!

So grab a drink, grab an ass... grab whatever... and Go Take The New Quiz! And when you're done with that, go take the old one again... Did you get the same result? Different result? Which one are you feeling? Are we just messing with your head?!! AHAHAHA! <3 <3 <3

pole seduction

And here we have some of the more amusing recent searches that brought people to semeuke.com... like you didn't know we could see them... heh.

I'm the uke in a gay relationship (big banana seme thumbs up for you, my friend!) ^^

how to tame a seme (ooh, you tame that wild tiger, baby)

sadistic gay masters (be careful there, little uke...)

seme tester (wants to know how that works)

how to seduce someone when they are tied to a pole (fuck yeah, pole seduction... dance, baby, dance...)

...oh... slim male friend is lookin' gooood.....

machine of love

Hey, Ken... out for a rainy night drive in the slick mechanical machine of love? Ah, and fuck if I don't feel just a little bit jealous not being invited and all... ah... but, well, I don't blame you for wanting to get a little up close and personal with Slim Male Friend... in the sexy warm glow of the streetlights, with the silky wet droplets running slowly down your naked... uh, plastic... bodies...

uh, hey...

...can I at least have one of those ice cream bars, or something... I mean... damn, man...

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