Challenge #2 results! - Cuddly Plushies ~ 04 Sep 2009
Entries for our second challenge, while slightly fewer than the first, were still strong! We really enjoyed the creativity, scenes (both dramatic and playful), and even poems that our viewers came up with! There were quite a few stand-out entries making our decision a hard one this time, but after reading the description on this entry's Deviantart page, we just had to name it a winner, plus we love the Innocent Uke penguin's apron. ^^ (Just don't make us eat the cookies, please!)
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Challenge #2 - Cuddly Plushies ~ 03 Aug 2009
This challenge has now ended - the winning plushie (plus many of our favorites) will be posted up soon, along with a new challenge!

~ pulls back kitty print curtain to reveal our slightly blushing Innocent Uke <3

Um... hi! I'm supposed to announce this month's SemeUke Challenge... so, um... it's going to be really cute and fun! *reaches behind curtain and reveals big brown, dashingly-dressed, plush bear* So, this is my plushie, Kuma ~ dressed like the perfect Romantic Seme. Um... yes, actually he is a gift for someone. *blushes* And since plushies are so fun to customize and dress, I know everyone else will enjoy it too! =^.^=

Current Challenge

This month's mission is to transform a stuffed animal or plushie (bear, bunny, cat, spongebob...) into the perfect Seme or Uke character from our quiz, and take a picture! :D

The deadline for this challenge is August 22nd, 2009, at midnight PST, and the best plushies will be revealed soon after!

Challenge #1 results! - Apologize! ~ 02 Aug 2009
Our seme and uke challenged, and readers responded!
We received an awesome amount of letters in our first Challenge, and really had a great time reading all of your entries. ^__^

We were impressed with how funny, romantic, imaginative... and well, strangely random, some of the letters were, but one letter was so true to character, well written, and just amused us so much, that we unanimously declared it our favorite.

So, we now present to you the winning letter of our first challenge, and then some of our favorites for your reading pleasure. :D Oh, and be sure to enter our next challenge!
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Challenge #1 - Apologize! ~ 19 Jul 2009
This challenge has now ended - the winner's letter (plus many of our favorites) will be posted up soon, along with a new challenge!

~ pulls back the the velvet curtain to reveal our Flamboyantly Flaming Uke <3

Huhuh honey, I'm not here to hear lame excuses, half-mumbled apologies, or any of that half-assed, "It wasn't my fault." You and I both know who's fault it was, and who needs to get down on their knees and grovel to their Seme or Uke a little.

Current Challenge

Your mission is to write a "Make Up" letter to your Seme or Uke. Something so creative and sincere that your significant other will be helplessly convinced, or just have no choice, but to take your sorry ass back. :D

The deadline for this challenge is July 31st, 2009, at midnight PST, and the best letter and winner will be revealed soon after. So get apologizing!!

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